Life as it should be lived!

LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE LIVED! is the driving force behind HeroPath initiatives world-wide. See news about this and HeroPath’s new New Zealand Summer camp.

In the UK, the first step on that journey is available over just one weekend in the glorious setting of beautiful Oxfordshire. No Parents, No School – just fun, with a real purpose to propel your teenager into a better place, more quickly, at this critical stage of their lives.

This workshop is now full and Autumn dates will be made available soon.

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Guess who won Jailbreak!?

SOME OF YOU HAVE “MET” AMY before .  Do read her story about what she did next after her Ultimate Frisbee achievements with the Great Britain team.  She is now a medical student at Bristol University, part way through her degre.  Jailbreak is a a competition to see who can get farthest from their university without spending any money on travel.  Guess who won?!

AMY (on the left )SAYS:  “WHO KNEW 36 hours could be such a crazy mix of excitement, delirium and extreme fatigue!? Here’s our story…

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Meeting the Challenges of High School

OLIVER’S GREATEST CHALLENGE  is why he worries so much.

He is 15, a good looking kid but a bit of a late bloomer who still has a very boyish face and has only recently begun to grow taller.  Until he started main school, he had a number of friends. They played sports, rode bikes, played video games, had sleepovers and life was great.

Things began to change when he was 13.

Some of the boys in his group started to enjoy being with girls. Oliver liked girls but he wasn’t as confident with them as his friends were.  Soon some of his friends started drinking and smoking, they were less interested or available to “just be boys” anymore. At the end of the year Oliver’s main friend joined the rugby team and so his entire childhood social group had disappeared.

In school, he struggled to keep up with the coursework: his self-confidence was suffering; he worried almost constantly and was growing more and more discouraged; he wasn’t having the experiences he needed to become more socially adept and confident.

Extra tutoring meant he wasn’t learning how to manage school work on his own. He spent a lot of time home alone, playing video games and surfing the net… Unfortunately, he was also spending far too much time in his own head, thinking and worrying.

There was no joy in his life and little fun.

THE FIRST THING we noticed when we met him was that Oliver’s posture was tight and rigid. It was hard to get him to speak up. He seemed concerned that he might say something that would reveal he was not “cool”.

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Help Teens Cope in a chaotic world!

WE’RE GIVING TEENS the tools to cope in a chaotic world!

WE DO NOT teach simple life skills or offer motivating clichés. We are not a “team building” or “leadership” programme. Instead we teach highly sophisticated tools and strategies that highly effective and successful people use.

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HeroPath for Teens Workshop -2014

THE WORLD IS far more complex, competitive and chaotic for today’s teens than it ever was for us.  Many are struggling with pressure, growing discouraged and even fearing growing up.In spite of this some teens are consistently finding great opportunities, connecting with excellent people and success, in areas of life that fulfill them.

The next HeroPath For Teens workshop (likely to be in early 2014) will propel  another group of teens into that select group who succeed, in spite of all the obstacles.

WE DO NOT teach simple life skills or offer motivating clichés. We are not a “team building” or “leadership” programme. Instead we teach highly sophisticated tools and strategies that highly effective and successful people use such as:

  • Filtering HeroPath For Teens™ TEACHES TEENS to filter through life’s endless and often conflicting information and opinions, to find the people, information and opportunities that will lead to personal success and deep satisfaction.
  • Staying Composed Under Pressure THIS ENABLES them to maintain their composure under duress and to take action, even when it is scary or when gratification will not come for a long time.
  • Making Excellent Decisions THEY GAIN STRATEGIES to make mature decisions, drawing upon a combination of instincts and focused information gathering… decisions that ensure they will live the right life for them.
Visit our website NOW! to find out about registration for our workshop and how we work.
Our courses are held at Hunton Park, Hunton Bridge, Hertfordshire, WD4 8PN.  Or call Des Barry on 01923 267 107 to discover how HeroPath can help your teen.
HeroPath For Teens™ Teaches Teens to Identify the Right Direction for Their Lives:

THEY LEARN to easily determine what education and experience they will need and they develop more motivation.HeroPath For Teens™ is delivered in an intensive weekend course and a series of continuing group and individual coaching sessions.

We don’t just teach these skills – we train teens to apply them in real life.

HeroPath For Teens™ is a whole new way of providing teens with an education for life. When traditional training leaves so many teens discouraged, succumbing to stress and starting their adult lives at a disadvantage, HeroPath For Teens™ fills a critical void.

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