Guess who won Jailbreak!?

SOME OF YOU HAVE “MET” AMY before .  Do read her story about what she did next after her Ultimate Frisbee achievements with the Great Britain team.  She is now a medical student at Bristol University, part way through her degre.  Jailbreak is a a competition to see who can get farthest from their university without spending any money on travel.  Guess who won?!

AMY (on the left )SAYS:  “WHO KNEW 36 hours could be such a crazy mix of excitement, delirium and extreme fatigue!? Here’s our story…

After reaching Dover, courtesy of Clara & Bev, our first big break came in the form of Matthew, a Polish guy living in London who was visiting a friend in the city. Willing to take us from Calais to Cologne, Germany, we jumped at the opportunity!

“Before the weekend, our goal was to leave England. We had aspirations of reaching Amsterdam, Paris maybe even Brussels, but feared these were all a distant dream. However, three hours after leaving the ferry we waved farewell to the Belgian capital as we passed it on the motorway, and our ambitions quickly grew eastwards!

“After a night of fruitless attempts charming drivers at a cold service station in Cologne, our energy was waning and delirium setting in. Just as we were about to bed down in a toilet block, next to the only radiator around, we struck gold, in the form of Pawel. We ascertained he was heading for Poland, provoking instant euphoria. Not only were we heading east – our desired direction – but he was willing to drive us 1100km, all the way to Krakow. 15 hours later, after run-ins with the German and Polish border police, a terrifying night sleeping in a deserted lay-by, many hours of Polish trance music and the joys of being wedged between two car tyres, we arrived at a service station just outside Krakow. Competitiveness was setting in and we were in need of a quick hitch to maintain POLE-position! This came in the form of Eric & Anna, willing to take us to Rzeszow, a city just next to our new target: Ukraine. We arrived in Rzeszow with 2 hours to spare until the deadline and quickly realised Ukraine was a stretch too far, deciding to call it a day in the Polish city and hope it would be enough for the victory.

“Throughout the whole trip, the generosity and kindness of strangers was a recurring theme. From the couple on the ferry who gave us 20€; the couple at the German service station who bought us beers, and the service station owner who replenished them; Pawel buying us a full-on meal of Polish salad and dumplings to welcome us to his homeland; to Eric & Anna, despite speaking no English, treating us to McDonalds in Rzeszow: all reaffirmed our faith in humanity. As we made our way home from Rzeszow, spending a day in Krakow, before arriving back in Bristol on Monday night, we realised that we hadn’t only physically travelled a huge distance, but we’d been on a huge emotional journey too. For each of us, Jailbreak 2013 stands out as one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had at uni: having the time of our lives whilst raising money for some great charities too. We are indebted to RAG for making it all possible and can’t recommend it highly enough!”

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